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Equitainer Testimonials

Paul Loomis
President and Founder
Select Breeders Service (

"In my experience the Hamilton Research (HRi) Equitainer remains the gold standard for equine cooled semen shipping containers.  I have used Equitainers extensively for more than 20 years to reliably ship thousands of doses of cooled semen around the country.  The cooling curve achieved by the Equitainer and the consistent holding temperature achieved under widely fluctuating environmental conditions allows us to ship semen anywhere at all times of the year with no concern that the sperm will be damaged due to temperature shock in February and March or that their longevity will be compromised due to elevated holding temperatures in the heat of the summer."

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Susanne Hassler
Breeding Manager
Director of Breeding & Raising Divisions
Hilltop Farm (

"The Equitainer is the only way to reliably service mares with cooled semen, especially in North America where a stallion’s semen must be shipped great distances. We depend on the Equitainer to sustain the viability of cooled semen during the challenges of transit, like extreme heat and delays. When transport complications occur and delivery is delayed, we have been delighted to discover viable semen even at 72-hours, thanks to the quality of the Equitainer."

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Ann M. Miller
Timberlake Mules (

"In the mule breeding business we deal with an extended breeding season. While most stallions books are closed by July, we are still collecting and shipping semen well in to August and September. I assure my clients that I use and will only ship our semen in an Equitainer, insuring them receiving the highest quality product not only during these hottest summer months but all season long." 

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Vaughn Cook
Royal Vista Equine, Inc., Royal Vista Ranches, LLC (

"I have used the Hamilton Equitainers I and II since their start back in 1981. They are the gold standard for shipped cooled semen. I was also one of the first to ship embryos in them and still do so to this day, I wouldn't trust anything else. Their temperature control is unsurpassed by any other shipping method; you don't have to worry about them getting too hot or too cold while sitting out on the tarmac. Our Champion Quarter Horse racehorse Wave Carver's semen will only be trusted to the Equitainers I and II."

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Jos Mottershead (

"There is no doubt in my mind that the Equitainer is the most durable, efficient and effective transport container for cooled semen. Not only does it have superior insulation and provide a correctly controlled cooling curve, but it will withstand many years of shipping abuse, making it the most cost-effective cooled semen shipping container available. We are still successfully using Equitainers that are 20+ years old!"

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Lisa Metcalf, MS DVM Diplomate
American College of Theriogenologists
Honahlee PC (

"I am pleased to endorse the Equitainer. It is the gold standard of semen and embryo shipping containers. I am confident in its reliability under extreme weather and handling conditions since it has undergone rigorous testing by Hamilton Thorne to ensure both its cooling curve and holding time. As a theriogenologist, I rely on The Equitainer to do its part on protecting and preserving valued genetic material for horse breeders."

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Geoff Osol,
Vermont Warmbloods (

"The loss of a good cycle is not only expensive, but can cost an entire breeding season. The only container that has never failed to deliver viable fresh-cooled semen to our farm under all conditions has been the Equitainer. We now check with stallion owners prior to ordering semen. It is the only one we truly trust!"

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G. R. Longworth, VMD, Attending Veterinarian
Out West Stallion Station (

"Hailing from the Southwest, our experience has shown that the Equitainer provides the most reliable transport system for fresh cooled semen and embryos being shipped in the most extreme temperatures. We use the Equitainer exclusively to provide our clients with the most accurate cooling curve and, therefore, the best quality product possible. Our customers comment that the sight of a blue Equitainer on the receiving end of a semen shipment instills confidence that they are receiving a superior product.”

Equitainer E.T. Filly: “Special” (AQHA “Don’t Call Me Easy”) by Out West Stallion Station’s “Easy Otie Whiz”

Embryo shipped from AZ to CA July 2005 ~ “Special” foal born May 2006

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Dennis Schmitt, DVM, PhD, DACT, Alumni Professor in Reproductive Biology,
Missouri State University (

"I have utilized Equitainers® for shipment of elephant semen for research projects and for use in artificial insemination of elephants for over 20 years. We began with the old Blue 5 gallon bucket model. We have found that the current Equitainer® system provides an easily identifiable shipping container with the consistent temperature characteristics needed for transportation of elephant semen. Because freshly collected and extended semen is used in artificial insemination of elephants that often needs to be shipped over significant distances, the Equitainer® system provides the security needed to insure arrival of viable semen at the site of insemination." 

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Julie Klug, Powderhorn Creek Ranch
Powderhorn, CO (

“When we started offering shipped semen from our stallions,
I knew immediately I wanted to invest in Equitainers for the shipping process. It's truly a lifetime investment. Our reputation depends on the confidence that our semen arrives to its destination without losing its quality. I realize we are in a “throw-away” society, but I like the fact that we are reusing the same container – forever, instead of adding more to our garbage problem by choosing the disposables.

I trust in the Equitainer to protect our valuable investment each time we ship semen. Using this container, will also help build my clients' trust in our breeding program and in return, build our business.

Thank you for your excellent customer support. I'm sure I'll be ordering more containers from you to keep up with the steady rise in demand. "

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Nancy Lee Wight, Rockin' Heart Ranch
Potlatch, ID

"At Rockin' Heart Ranch, Ltd. I insist on using the Hamilton Research Equitainer exclusively on my farm in my breeding operation. I stand at least two stallions all the time and do a lot of shipping. I own 9 equitainers and they were some of the best, most essential money I have spent in our breeding operation. It is the only model on the market as far as I am concerned.

I have experienced first hand the excellent keeping ability of the equitainer to ensure the safest, most reliable results for shipping semen. I trust that this product has the "pedigree" in research and performance required to get semen delivered to our mare owners in excellent condition. Sadly, I occasionally receive semen delivered to my farm from other stallion owners in the disposable styro containers and invariably the temperature, condition and quality of the semen is greatly compromised. 

My farm manager, veterinarian and I refer to those disposables as 'sperm coffins" as we are so often shocked at the poor quality of the product contained therein. 

Thank you for your wonderful product. I rely on it and can not imagine the poor results I would be suffering without it's availability.  You have set the bar very high in a very challenging industry and the added benefit of greater success factor makes the Equitainer the best deal on the market today. 

PS, we also use our Equitainers for shipping semen from our show dogs.... nothing but the best will do!"

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Deanna Akin, Devon Farms
Purcell, OK

"We have been using the Equitainers for nearly twenty years and we wouldn't use anything else. Like everyone, we tried other options but always came back to the Equitainer. We ship hundreds of times every breeding season and our conception rates are excellent on first shipments. We attribute a lot of this success to our Equitainers and the fact that our semen always arrives in top form.

Anyone who does this for a living knows that there are always lost shipments occasionally. Proof of the Equitainer's value came in one instance when the semen showed up two days late and the mare, thankfully, hadn't ovulated; the semen was still viable and the mare got in foal. Although this is not something we would recommend, it is an excellent example of the worth of an Equitainer. We know it is a bit more expensive for us to ship Equitainers but the savings in the long run are considerable. Our customers appreciate and voice regularly their appreciation that we insist on the use of Equitainers at our farm. 

Thank you for an excellent product and making our job easier."

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